Artist Spotlight: 3TEETH

Industrial and darkwave music fans who aren’t already familiar with the Los Angeles based band 3TEETH won’t be in the dark for long. They will inevitably draw comparisons to Front Line Assembly and KMFDM, but forget about all that. What you need to know is that 3 Teeth are freaking heavy electronic music that stands out on its own.

3TEETH crushes under its relentless grinding industrial beats. Yes, relentless is a good word to use to describe 3TEETH. “Band” doesn’t seem to do them much justice either, as the imagery behind the band is just as important as the music itself. It’d be better described as a aural-optical assault. I’m sure if we had the technology that allowed us to smell over the internet, they’d have included that as part of the package as well. Here, just judge for yourself:

3TEETH have already sold out of the limited edition splattered vinyl of their debut self-titled album that includes a special tooth-shaped USB containing remixes of the album tracks (and if anyone who purchased one would like to give up their copy to the Unappreciated Scholars for the greater good, that is a gift we would gladly accept). However, the album is still available on traditional black vinyl and CD from Artoffact Records. The expected release date is June 3, 2014.

The fine gentlemen from 3TEETH were kind enough to answer a few questions that we had regarding the band:

Q: Are there plans to take 3TEETH on the road?
A: Yeah there are definitely plans to take the band on a tour pending we can create enough demand with this album to justify the promoter spend on 4 piece band. (editor’s note – yeah, that’s not cheap) That being said, we really haven’t put much thought it, as we’ve been really focused on just making sure the album is as dialed in as possible.

Q: Is there a significant meaning behind the name 3TEETH?
A: The name is derived from the concept of Odontomancy which is an ancient (practice) centered around oracles reading prophecies in human teeth. The rabbit hole goes much deeper than that but we’ll let everyone connect their own dots.
(editor’s note #2: We do not recommend this practice. It’s ancient, and probably best left that way.)

Q: Who came up with the idea for the limited edition USB Tooth that comes with the limited edition package of the record?
A: Alexis, our frontman came up with that one but, we’re all constantly coming up with new and interesting ideas on how to create a total sensorial experience with this project.

Q: What is your favorite album that you feel doesn’t get proper credit for being great?
A: The Analogue Mage album by H3X3N is really obscure and experimental project that definitely doesn’t get the love it deserves. It’s like black metal processed through the sensibilities of an analogue synthesizer and its totally unique in its sound.

Q: Physical media or digital download?
A: Physical media. It’s not final till it’s on vinyl.

Q: What’s your list of top ten songs that made you want to make music?
A: Here’s 13 from the band, and in no particular order.

Rachmaninoff Prelude in C sharp minor – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-qwJoFQ3qo
Skinny Puppy – The Choke http://youtu.be/10eH61ID784
Nitzer Ebb – Murderous http://youtu.be/3_2GlKk08xQ
Fishbone – Servitude https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=59_FivvLXgA
Front 242 – Neurobashing http://youtu.be/reLhq-OFoLI
Samhain – To Walk the Night http://youtu.be/353Ngbz70sY
Faith No More – Epic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gvbWod95Hpw&feature=kp
Black Sabbath- Hole in the Sky https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RpdJO1w-NN8
Philip Glass – Koyaanisqatsi http://youtu.be/C6Il58Ln4cI
Morbid Angel – God of Emptiness https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UYdfsZRURF0&feature=kp
At the Gates – Cold https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AhSECdsvzqo
Thomas Dolby – N.E.O https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mhlt6hCHvBI
Satyricon – Black Lava https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cSbeOFhG6xE

Look for our full review of the debut release from 3TEETH in the coming weeks. In the meantime, look them up on twitter (@threeteeth), Facebook, and Instagram.


#MetalMonday presented by @MetalOrGTFO: Týr – Grindavisan

Today is one of those awkward Spring days where the weather is in limbo and it can’t decide whether it’s supposed to be getting warmer or cooler. What’s that got to do with anything? Nothing really, but that same indecisive mood has been pressed upon your dear Unappreciated Scholar responsible for picking out Metal Monday.

So here’s Týr. Because Týr. GRINDAVISAN!

Týr – Grindavisan: http://youtu.be/m42NYOZCpMo

(if you see a link instead of a video, blame Canada YouTube.)


#MetalMonday presented by @MetalOrGTFO: Type O Negative – Profits Of Doom

There is a significant chance we’ve used this track before, but it still serves as a timely warning if you believe that Peter Steele was able to tell the future (I’m not one of those, but who am I to judge?). In this track, a single from the final Type O Negative album Dead Again,  Peter is expressing his concerns about the world ending on Friday, April 13th, 2029. That’s fifteen years from now, so get your affairs in order.

Oh, and here’s the video with a shortened version of the song – but you should also go find the original full length album track just for fun.

(If you see a link above and not a video, it’s not my fault)


Artist Spotlight: WVM

We’re hot on bands based in Los Angeles as of late – Big Black Delta, 3 TEETH, and WVM are all LA-based acts that should be making some major noise in vastly different types of electronic music. We’ll have more on Big Black Delta and 3 TEETH very soon, but this spotlight is shining brightly upon WVM.

A multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, performer, programmer, and visual artist, WVM is one talented guy. He chose to not share his name, and we are not pursuing it – WVM works just fine. It is not an acronym and does not stand for anything; rather, it was chosen for its aesthetic appeal. “I like how the letters make a wave. Everything is made of waves, from sounds to all of matter, so I chose those letters for how they looked and the potential they have for different designs.”

At an early age WVM taught himself to play Bach and Beethoven on the piano. He progressed to other instruments later, at first creating entirely electronic music but also experimenting with mixing electronic sounds with organic instrumentation.

The debut album The End Is Only the Beginning was mixed by Sean Beavan (Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson) who also invited WVM to record vocals at his private Blue Room Studio. The album was released in 2013 and features Chris Vrenna (Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, Tweaker) and Josh Freese (Nine Inch Nails, A Perfect Circle) playing drums on various songs. The album is a great piece of music that does more than just reflect WMV’s influences – it is a fresh take on electronic rock with amazing vocals that stand out from the typical droning usually found in anything influenced by electronic music.

WVM is currently at work on a new album with a return to where he began in a more electronic and darker direction. “I love the sounds of early industrial and electro music and films from the 80s but I don’t want to create music that sounds like it was made in that time. I like the creative and explorative aspects of the music back then. That’s my mindset going into this new untitled album, to create something new.”

Sign us up for this new record – dark and industrial-inspired is the kind of thing that gets us excited.

Check out WVM at the following locations on the Web for music previews and updates on the upcoming album:
WVM Music
WVM Facebook
WVM Twitter


UPDATED: Unappreciated Album of the Month, April 2014: Nirvana – Nevermind

UPDATED: Yes, we know – all the facts are wrong and Nevermind is DEFINITELY not unappreciated! This has been an Unappreciated Scholars April Fools prank. Thanks for playing along.

Original Post:
Here at UnappreciatedScholars.com, we pride on bringing you information on records that you may not have otherwise heard. For the Unappreciated Album of April, 2014, we bring you Nirvana’s Nevermind.

Nevermind was released in 1991, and it may have garnered more mainstream appeal had it not come at the tail end of the Seattle Grunge movement in American music history. Nirvana threesome managed to create what could have been a seminal record and cross-section of the 1990s if anyone had actually ever heard it. Produced by Butch Vig, the album was recorded over two months in 1991. With such a small budget, the band’s lavel weren’t able to hire any actual talented musicians to perform on the record, settling instead for the unknown trio of Kurt Cobain (who met his untimely death at the hands of a murderer who has been in prison ever sense), Krist Novoselic (who went on to huge music stardom), and Dave Grohl (who would later fade into absolute obscurity).

Since you’ve never heard this album before, it would behoove you to go out and hear it by any means necessary. Maybe it’ll finally have a chance to be heard outside the garages of Seattle.


UPDATED: #MetalMonday presented by @MetalOrGTFO: Depeche Mode – Something to Do (Metal Mix)

An early April Fools joke from Unappreciated Scholars – we know this isn’t Metal. Thanks for playing along!

Welcome, readers, to another edition of Metal Monday presented by our pals over at Metal or GTFO! This week, we’re bringing you one of the most brutal of brutal metal tracks of all time with Depeche Mode’s “Something to Do (Metal Mix)”. Not typically known as a metal band, Depeche Mode released this hidden gem back in the mid-80s in response to all those who said they were too soft. They unleashed over seven minutes of metal brutality on the world. This version of the opening track of Some Great Reward will melt the face of even the most hardcore metal fan. Enjoy!

You should buy this album when it's released on March 28.

Available Today: Johnny Wore Black “Walking Underwater Pt. I”

Now available is the fantastic debut album from Johnny Wore Black. We’ve written a ton about Johnny Wore Black over the past year or so, and we’re excited that it’s finally available. Check out our review if you need a refresher course. Otherwise, get thee to Google Music or iTunes to preview and purchase Walking Underwater Pt. I.


One of the Greatest Things to Ever Happen in Nashville Probably Ever: Gary Numan, March 17, 2014

Nashville, TN is known for being “Music City USA”, but amazingly there’s a dearth of shows outside of the Top 40, completely unknown, or Country scenes – and if you’ve ever been to our site, you know our feelings on those particular segments of music. However, once in a blue moon we get a pretty amazing show from someone who is widely known but not a Top 40 juggernaut. In this instance, it was Gary Numan.

This isn’t a retrospective on Gary Numan’s career – that’s for another time (and maybe we can convince I Die:You Die to put together a Crash Course). This is to let you know that you need to go see Gary Numan if he’s within traveling distance to you.

Gary Numan – Everything Comes Down to This (Mercy Lounge, Nashville, TN 03.17.14):

Gary is no a spring chicken, but he’s got an energy like no one else. He performs his music – not just by singing or playing guitar or synths, but he actually performs his songs. I know that’s hard to understand, but its another reason why you should go see him.

Opening acts were Roman Remains and Big Black Delta. I didn’t care much for Roman Remains, but I bought the Big Black Delta s/t record on the spot. It was released last year and you definitely need to check it out as well.

Nashville would be more capable of the “Music City USA” moniker if more shows like Gary Numan made appearances.

Gary Numan Splinter Tour Grade: A+. Literally one of the greatest things to ever happen in Nashville probably ever. Setlist from setlist.fm


#MetalMonday presented by @MetalOrGTFO: GWAR – Sick Of You (Lyrics)

Gwar frontman Dave Brokie died overnight at the young age of 50. Since everyone is going to talk about how great Gwar are today (I was never personally a fan but I can appreciate the spectacle), here’s “Sick of You”.

The official video is a little bit NSFWish so this is a lyric video done by a fan.

Sick Of You (Lyrics) by Gwar: http://youtu.be/OmwNdhb6I4w


Why Vinyl Is the Only Worthwhile Way to Own Music (from Gizmodo)

This is a writeup that’s in the same spirit as our “Get Right With Your Physical Media Collection” piece from a few weeks ago. See, it’s not just us! I still think it’s not just about vinyl, too, but that’s not the point.

Why Vinyl Is the Only Worthwhile Way to Own Music – http://pulse.me/s/YpwVR